Student Life at P596X

Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

Our Physical Education Department has been doing many exciting things with our students. Throughout the year we have done many different units from volleyball to floor hockey with modified foam sticks. Some of the many activites that our students participate in throughout the year include:







Computers & Technology

Technology at P576X consists of iPads, iPad Minis, iMac (desktop) computers, Lenovo and Dell (desktop) computers, MacBook (laptops) and Smart Boards. Every classroom has a minimum of 2 devices, and many have 3 or more.

In computer classes, students learn how to access the internet safely; they use programs or apps (applications) that reinforce what they are learning in class; they learn to use the internet as a research library.  

The students are familiar with and use a wide variety of apps and websites, many of which are available at home as well as in school. 



The music department at P596X provides many varied opportunities.  Our students learn both instrumental and vocal music. The students learn to play very basic instruments and perform on stage from a very early age. 


In the music classroom, songs with simple words and repetitive phrases are used to assist the language development of the students. Meaningful word phrases and songs presented with visual and tactile cues help to facilitate this process. 





Literacy Practice

MyOn is an interactive website to used to practice reading comprehension. Click on the image above to go to the website and practice your skills!

MyON includes an engaging collection of more than 6,000 digital books. These books can be accessed at home, in school or anywhere in the community where you have internet access! To obtain your child's username and password, please contact us!

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 1.58.09 PM.png

Math Practice is a fun and interactive web-based game used to strengthen math skills. Click on the image to the left to go to the website.

Social Skills Practice


ReThink is a website series that is used to develop social skills. Watch the characters experience different social situations and help them to make the appropriate choices! Click on the ReThink image above.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 2.06.12 PM.png

Brain Pop Jr. is an educational website with videos on different social studies, math, science, arts and language, technology, and health topics.


Flocabulary is an interactive website used to increase student learning across all content areas through music. Click on the image to the left to go to the website and practice your skills!


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