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School Activities

Adaptive Physical Education

The P.S. 596x Adapted Physical Education (APE) Department believes in meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of our students. We focus on developing and strengthening gross motor and fitness skills within each of our units (movement, manipulative skills, team sports, cooperative games, and fitness). Throughout the year we offer several intramural sports (soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, and volleyball) where our students engage in sport-specific skills, learning sportsmanship and life skills.  


We also collaborate with Get Ready to Learn (GRTL), New York Road Runners (NYRR), and Super Soccer Stars – embedding their programs into our curriculum. GRTL is a researched based daily preparatory classroom yoga program. It  is designed to prepare our students to be in optimal physical, emotional and cognitive states for learning.

We culminate the school year with our annual Field Day, where our students celebrate their hard work by demonstrating all of the skills they learned throughout the year. When you walk into an APE class at our school, you will see students that are gaining proficiency in motor and fitness skills, working on IEP goals, learning about healthy lifestyles, communicating with others through play, and most importantly having fun.

Student hitting a ball with a bat
2 students coding using an iPad and robot


There are currently two different STEM programs at P596X. Our computer science program introduces our students to Coding, Digital Citizenship, and Lego Robotics. Students learn coding using programs such as Codapillar, Codehopper, and Ozobot. Students learn how identify and protect themselves against Cyberbullying and about internet safety. In Lego Robotics, students build a robot using Legos and compete against other schools in events such as Lego League to showcase their skills. Our STEM/Science Program teaches students about different STEM careers and the tools that scientists use. The students study hydroponics and building blocks of matter using STEMscopes. They learn about objects and motion using drones. Students also study the effects if wind and erosion, the behavior of light and sound, the sun and various animals.


The music department at P596X provides many varied opportunities.  Our students learn both instrumental and vocal music. The students learn to play very basic instruments and perform on stage from a very early age. 

In the music classroom, songs with simple words and repetitive phrases are used to assist the language development of the students. Meaningful word phrases and songs presented with visual and tactile cues help to facilitate this process.

Student playing piano
Student holding shamrock


Students come into art class ready to actively participate in many projects using various materials. Students work on seasonal crafts; themed activities as well as exploring interesting and new ways to showcase their creativity. Appropriate books are read to give the children knowledge of the art activity they will be participating in. The class read aloud is interactive encouraging student participation. Students use crayons, paints, markers, glue, etching foils and tools to create collages, paintings, drawings and other projects. We also use food products to create edible art; which the children get to eat after they have finished. Imagination and creativity are encouraged, and positivity is what we aim for.

Health & Wellness

The health and wellness curriculum at P596X provides the opportunity for students to think about and be aware of their physical and mental health. The topics covered in health & wellness include breathing and how it can effect your mood and yoga as a method for calming and regulating your mood. Students also discuss their feelings, use wellness strategies to communicate their mood and identify positive thoughts and actions of individuals and groups. Finally, students evaluate nature and the impact it has on the mind and body.

Get Ready to Learn program



Literacy Practice

MyOn is an interactive website to used to practice reading comprehension. 

MyON includes an engaging collection of more than 6,000 digital books. These books can be accessed at home, in school or anywhere in the community where you have internet access! To obtain your child's username and password, please contact us!

myOn Logo

                                Social Skills


ReThink is a website series that is used to develop social skills. Watch the characters experience different social situations and help them to make the appropriate choices! 

ReThink logo
stmath logo

Math Practice is a fun and interactive web-based game used to strengthen math skills. 

Brain POPJr. Logo

Brain Pop Jr. is an educational website with videos on different social studies, math, science, arts and language, technology, and health topics.

flocabulary logo

Flocabulary is an interactive website used to increase student learning across all content areas through music. 

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