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PS 596X Instructional Focus
2022 - 2023

2022-2023 Chancellor’s Vision and P596x Instructional Focus

“Bright Starts and Bold Futures”

The Chancellor’s Four Pillars for Building Trust
in NYC Public Schools

Reimagining the Student Experience
Scaling, Sustaining, and Restoring What Works
Prioritizing Wellness and Its Link to Student Success
Engaging Families to Be Our True Partners

Chancellor’s Big Goals

All students will learn to read well
All students will be physically and emotionally safe
All students will have a high-quality academic experience
All students will graduate with a strong plan and pathway to economic security
Families will be able to easily access the information and support they need from NYC schools and will be empowered to help their children succeed
The NYC school system will reflect the diversity of the city it serves


Reimagining the student experience through structured teaching, which will provide our students the skills needed to become independent learners. Our reading and writing programs focus on literacy instruction which includes phonics-based instruction, so that all students can work toward becoming capable readers. Our math curriculum combines problem-based learning with visual-learning, which will help students generalize these skills throughout their school and home environments. We will continue to provide students with social emotional learning through our school-wide SEL and wellness programs, family engagement activities, which will support our richly diverse P596x community.

P596x CEP Goals 2022-2023


By June 2023, all elementary students will show an increase in reading comprehension skills by 5% from 58% to 63%, as measured by SANDI (RI10 and RF).


By June 2023, all elementary students will increase their skills in Operations and Algebraic Thinking by 5% from 44% to 49%, as measured by SANDI (OA)

Quality Individualized Education Program:

By June 2023, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEPs for all students with disabilities, we will improve alignment between the Present Levels of Performance (PLOP) and the Annual Goal sections of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) by 15% from 65% to 80%, as measured by IEP Review.

Supportive Environment Framework:

By June 2023, practices related to Social-Emotional Support will improve by 5% from 45% to 50%, as measured by positive NYC School Survey responses, resulting in improved Safety & Restorative Approaches to Behavior.


Students will demonstrate an increase in

reading, writing, math and SEL as evidenced by:

Summative Assessments:

• SANDI/FAST Assessments

(ELA, Math & Social Emotional)
• MAP Growth testing


• New York State Math & ELA tests
Formative Assessments:

Edmark, Fountas & Pinnell, and Fundations Reading Programs

• Equals and enVision Math Programs

• Handwriting Without Tears and First Author Writing Programs
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