Mutt-i-grees Curriculum


Guided by the research on resiliency, social and emotional learning, and human-animal interaction, the Mutt-i-grees Curriculum includes lesson plans and strategies to actively engage students and promote social and emotional competence, academic achievement, and awareness of the needs of shelter pets. 


Izzy is a three year old female beagle. She will come to visit our students throughout this school year to engage in lessons in the classroom.

Disney Musicals in Schools Program


They say “All the world is a stage…”  At P596X we are thrilled to be part of a special program entitled, “Disney Musical in Schools.”  Our school has the pleasure of working with two Disney educators, learning skills of drama, which will culminate in our students performing in a Disney show!  We are one of five schools selected to be a part of this program.  So many skills are learned as students are working together in rehearsals; reading, following direction, music, social skills, language arts, self-expression and most of all: self-confidence!!! 


Many thanks to the Disney organization for this fantastic program and kudos to all students involved!

Father's Club

The purpose of the P576X Father's Club is to bring together men who have children with special needs. The group continues to meet monthly with a lively discussion on many topics important to fathers. Everyone shares positive ideas and concerns in a comfortable environment.  Interested dads call the parent coordinator, Dawn Harney at 718-904-5770 or e-mail

Benny the Reading Dog


Benny and his caretaker Kathryn visit classes throughout our three sites. The R.E.A.D. program helps improve children’s reading, communication and social skills by utilizing registered therapy animals and their teammate in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The students all have an opportunity to read with and take pictures with Benny. Our students make enormous strides building self-esteem and confidence, elevating reading scores, and acquiring a love of books by reading to Benny the therapy dog. This picture of Paris and Benny is proof how wonderful this program has been and how far all the kids have come in their reading!

Girls Club


The purpose of the Girls club at PS596X is to empower our students by equipping them with life skills, which build their self-confidence and help them to negotiate for their rights and voice their concerns. Our monthly Girls club meetings feature a variety of group activities that build social skills in a positive and encouraging environment.

Best Buddies


PS596X has partnered with students from PS 294X for this program. Best Buddies is a program that builds one-to-one friendships between students and offers social mentoring. Through their participation, students form meaningful connections with their peers, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and share interests, experiences and activities that many other individuals enjoy.

Book of the Month


During this year, we have selected various books that link to the curriculum we are using each and every day! Each month, we will plan, create and discover new ways to make our teaching fun and meaningful for our students. Our goal is to build their knowledge and understanding of topics through vocabulary, writing, experiments and discussions!

Respect For All


As part of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support plan, our school is taking part in the Respect for All program. P596X has been designated as a Gold Star 2019-2020 No Place For Hate® School! This designation reaffirm's our school’s commitment to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. This year, we are one of over 1,800 schools across the country that successfully completed the program.

Bronx Children's Museum Bus

The Bronx Children’s Museum bus visits our three elementary sites for an interactive visit on an ongoing basis. Students learn about the Bronx River and environmental awareness as they participate in pre-visit lessons and are then led through an amazing educational experience of learning about animals in their habitat that are a part of the the Bronx.

Monthly Cultural Assemblies

Each month, our school community is invited to a monthly cultural assembly featuring a different theme each month. The goal of the cultural assembly program is to uplift, empower, inspire, and educate the community through dance and music performances. We believe that just like reading, writing and mathematics, the arts are an important element of education. 

Citizen of the Month

Each month, our school hosts a celebration honoring the recipients of our Citizen of the Month award. Students receive this award for their exemplary behavior and positive contributions to our school community. Students are accompanied by their teacher or paraprofessional and parents. We are so proud of our students and their many accomplishments on being good citizens!  

Get Ready to Learn (GRTL)

Get Ready To Learn (GRTL) is a research based daily classroom yoga curriculum designed to optimize classroom performance for both students and staff. Introduced into NYC schools in 2008, the program incorporates current educational and therapeutic strategies. GRTL provides the opportunity for optimal learning to take place by building connections between all of the systems in the body.

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