Our Vision & Commitment

Welcome to P.S. 596X! We are a New York City Public School serving students on the autism spectrum and other special needs from Pre-K through age 11.

Through this website, you will be able to step into our classrooms and hallways to get an idea of the wide variety of creative programs and practices in which students participate on a daily basis.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality, state of the art instructional programs to our students, and to offer parents workshops and activities to equip themselves with the skills to best help their child. Through hands-on learning and fun-filled opportunities, our students make tremendous gains in social skills, language, and academics.

From reading, writing, math, science, social studies to social skills, technology skills, vocational skills to art, music and dance, students have a rich educational experience at school.

Enrichment programs such as a partnership with the Disney Organization, school chorus, salsa band, soccer club, Olympics, assembly performances, to name a few, all enhance our multitude of academic programs. Step into P.S. 596X, you’ll love what you see!

Student dressed in Lion King costume for our Disney performance.
Teacher interacting with a student and parent using the book of the month.

Our Mission

P.S. 596X is a highly collaborative and positive school community, where all stakeholders come together to celebrate students for their many strengths. We are committed to providing an interactive, hands on curriculum, that uses state of the art instructional programs and methodologies that meet the individual needs of our diverse learners.

Our fundamental belief is that children are children first and that they are children with special needs second; therefore deserving the same rigor and quality of instruction, professionalism and creativity in their programming, as any other student in NYC does. Through our partnership with families, community agencies and an appreciation for the arts, our students flourish in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.

Our Goals

The goal of the educational program at P.S. 596X is to equip students with as many skills as possible to enable them to be independent, productive, contributing members of their families, their communities and society at large. Towards that end, we offer students a variety of programs and options designed to meet each student’s individual needs.


At P.S. 596X, we believe that all of our students have the potential to learn, grow, and achieve, in a nurturing, supportive environment, tailored to meet their individual needs. We know that as a team, with parents as our partners, and with continuous communication, our students can be successful.

We place strong emphasis on parent advocacy. We have an active PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and Parent Support Group that conducts monthly workshops for parents on a variety of topics utilizing both our experienced P.S. 596X staff and outside consultants. 


Our SLT (School Leadership Team) meets regularly to develop and implement the school plan. Committee members are made up of 50% parents.


P.S. 596X is a school that services students on the autism spectrum disorder in 6:1:1, 8:1:1, 12:1:1 ratios and inclusion. Autism is characterized by deficits in communicative, behavioral, social and sometimes cognitive functioning. Our instructional programs place major emphasis on these areas.


We are located in three community schools: P.S. 178,

P.S. 153, and P.S. 498. P.S. 596X students are assigned to schools based on their chronological age with older students attending our sister school for autism, P.S. 176X or a similar program.

parent and student cheek to cheek smiling for the camera.
Students completing a science activity in a group at a table.

School Comprehensive Educational Plan Goals

2020 - 2021 


By May, 2021, teachers will implement the Book of the Month protocol to increase reading comprehension, which will result in a 5% increase in scores on the reading and literacy assessment sections of the school wide assessments, as measured by SANDI from 53% - 58%.


By May, 2021, students will utilize interactive online math programs as a strategy to increase math skills, which will result in a 5% Increase in the scores on the numbers and operations sections of the school wide assessments, as measured by SANDI from 48% - 53%

School Survey

By June, 2021, as evidenced by the 2020-2021 NYC Survey results, there will be a 5% increase in positive responses from 33% to 38%, that teachers will say that "students participate in class discussions at some point".



Please use the contact information below to reach our school staff. Classroom teachers are listed by unit and can be found on our Contact Your Child's Teacher Page.

Mr. John Siracuse


Ms. Eleni


178 UNIT


Ms. Evauna


153 UNIT


Ms. Dawn



Ms. Camille



Ms. Taya


178 UNIT


Ms. Kanetha


178/498 UNIT


Ms. Erica


153 UNIT


Ms. Venera




Mr. Timothy


498 UNIT


Ms. Danielle


153 UNIT


Ms. Maritza