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Welcome to the 498 Unit!

Our 498 site consists of 8 classes, which include 6:1:1, 8:1:1, 12:1:1 and inclusion programs.

We strive to build our school community, focus on a rigorous academic curriculum and encourage the students to use the arts to further their success.

Classroom Activities



Our classrooms incorporate our students’ love for music, art, and movement into learning with the help of enriching programs such as, EASE (Everyday Arts for Special Education), Get Ready to Learn, a yoga program, and CookShop, a healthy eating program.


Students have an opportunity to visit Daniel’s Music Foundation, which introduces children with special needs to music through movement and instruments. Also, through a grant program, our site has acquired new instruments including keyboards and ukuleles for the students to use during music class and to develop a student band. 

A Sense of Community and Respect for All



One initiative our site focuses on is building a sense of community among the students.  We accomplish this in a variety of ways. One way is through fun holiday events, such as the Turkey Hat Parade and the Holiday Celebration Feast. 



Another way that we encourage our students to have a sense of community is through classroom-based lessons with a focus on “Respect for All”. In these lessons the students learn the broader meaning of respect and how to show respect every day.

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