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What is an IEP?

An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan.  The IEP is a snapshot of what a student has achieved academically and socially. This plan also has goals (developed from various assessments) for the individual student. 


The IEP is revised annually at an IEP Conference.   Participants of this conference include: parents, guardians, teachers, and related service providers (occupational therapists, physical therapists, counselors, speech therapists, hearing teachers, and/or vision teachers).


Every three years there is a review called a “Mandated Three-Year Reevaluation”.  At this time a student will be evaluated by the School Based Psychologist Team.  Results from this evaluation will be shared at this review/meeting and a new IEP will be created. 


Discussions will be had regarding the child’s current placement and if he/she is in the best learning environment.  This is an opportunity to review the services the student receives and when possible, make adjustments to help him/her become more independent. 


Parents and guardians can request a review of their child’s IEP at any time they feel a change is needed.


If a parent has questions regarding their child’s IEP they should first contact their child’s teacher.  In addition to the child’s teacher you can reach out to his/her Unit Coordinator. 


If you have additional questions or would like more information please contact our Compliance Coordinator, Camille Blake, or your child’s assistant principal/principal.

Turning 5 Evaluations for Preschool Children

If a student has an IEP from the Committee of Preschool Special Education (CPSE) he/she will have a Turning 5 Evaluation conducted by the Committee Special Education (CSE). 


This meeting will occur during the spring of the child’s 5th Birthday and before entering Kindergarten in September. 


An IEP is written at this meeting which specifies the child’s disability and the program and service recommendations to address his needs.

Questions About IEPs


Please direct any questions you have about IEPs to Camille Blake, Compliance Coordinator by calling (718) 904-5750 or e-mail

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