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P596X serves students on the autism spectrum and students with other special needs. Their ages range from students in Pre K through 11 year olds. Our commitment is to provide high quality, state of the art instructional programs and practices in which students participate on a daily basis. From reading, math, science, social studies, and the arts, students have a rich educational experience that is aligned with the NYS Common Core Standards.


Every student at P596X has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). In this plan are the student’s annual goals. These goals are generated from the various assessments used to find students present levels of performance in above mentioned subject areas. Teachers record progress on these goals in the “Google Docs” system and generate report cards from there. Progress Reports are distributed at 2 Parent/Teacher Conferences (November and March) and are also sent home at the end of June and mid-August.


Every student also has a program in STARS (Student Transcript and Reporting Systems) Classroom, where grades are also recorded.  Again, grades are based on how the student  performs on the IEP annual goals. Grades are entered into this system twice a year (January and June) and are given on a scale of I - 4.


Grades or Performance levels are as follows:

l = Beginning to make progress

2 = Some Progress made

3 = Meets Expectations

4 = Exceeds Expectations


In both Google Docs and STARS Classroom there is a final grade for each subject, which is cumulative and based on the June achievement level of the particular annual goal.

These levels, or grades depend on how the individual student performs on various end of year

assessments related to the programs used to teach the course. Final marks or performance levels of a 3 and 4 are considered passing, achieving or mastering a particular goal.

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