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January - February

Mixed a Colorful Story

By Arree Chung

Focus Area: Cultural Competence

Domain Area: Social Awareness



What is the book of the month?

We have selected books that relate to our ReThink social/emotional curriculum. Bi-monthly, teachers and coaches will collaborate to unpack each book and design lessons, adaptations and resources to support the book’s topics. Our goal is to build on our students’ knowledge and understanding of social emotional concepts through literacy, vocabulary, writing, and discussions!


How can you get involved?

We would really love for the activities we complete at school, to also be reinforced at home.  For starters, tune in to hear Principal John read January/February Book Mixed a Colorful Story by Arree Chung during a special pajama read aloud (video below)! You will find resources and activities for the book in the letter below.  This includes the targeted vocabulary words, and some fun activities you can do at home or in the community with your child!

Mixed a Colorful Story

Pajama Read Aloud

Do You Need Help Adapting a Book?

We are here to Help!

Please watch the video to the right titled P596X Adapting Books: Helpful Strategies for Parents, Caregivers, and Staff for information on how to adapt a book of the month for your child.

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