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January 5, 2022

Dear PS 596X Families,


What is the book of the month?

We have selected various books that link to the ReThink social/emotional curriculum. Teachers and Coaches will be meet during common planning periods to unpack each book and design lessons, adaptations and resources to support the book’s topics. Our goal is to build on our students’ knowledge and understanding of topics through vocabulary, writing, experiments, and discussions!


How can you help?


We would really love for the activities we complete at school, also be reinforced at home! For starters, tune in to Principal John read the book of the month during a special pajama read aloud. You can find this on our website: On the website you will also find the new ReThink/BOM parent lesson guide where you can log in to view the lessons that your children are learning about in school.  Below, you will find a sample set of information about a book, targeted vocabulary words and some fun activities you can do at home or in the community with your child! More info to come as we roll out each book. 

Here’s the plan...


January/February Book of the Month for all Students

Book Title

Bilal Cooks Daal


Aisha Saeed

Students in a Y (6:1:1 classes) Cohort

Targeted Vocabulary Words:

friend, family, wait, cook, worried, dish


Key Ideas & Details: Students will develop social awareness and cultural competence by working together to understand another’s culture.

Suggested Activities

Students in an X (8:1:1 classes) and V (12:1:1 classes) cohort

Targeted Vocabulary Words

patience, worried, neighbors, spices, recipe, dice


Key Ideas & Details: Students will develop social awareness and cultural competence by working together to understand another’s culture.

Suggested Activities

  • Read this book with your child/Watch the YouTube Video:

  • Discuss what is special about your family and culture.

  • Have your child work together with you to prepare a special food that represents your family’s culture.

We look forward to this creative opportunity!


Very truly yours,     



John Siracuse


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Do You Need Help Adapting a Book?

We are here to Help!

Please watch the video to the right titled P596X Adapting Books: Helpful Strategies for Parents, Caregivers, and Staff for information on how to adapt a book of the month for your child.

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