What is the book of the month?


During this year, we have selected various books that link to the curriculum we are using each and every day! Each month, we will plan, create and discover new ways to make our teaching fun and meaningful for our students. Our goal is to build their knowledge and understanding of topics through vocabulary, writing, experiments and discussions!


How can you help?


We would really love for the words & activities we complete at school, also be done at home! For starters, tune into our Principal, John Siracuse, read the book of the month during a special pajama read aloud. You can find this on our website:

Below, you will find all of the information about the book, targeted vocabulary words and some fun activities you can do at home or in the community with your child!





Book of the Month (Y Classes & K-2 8:1:1 Classes)

Book Title

The Snowy Day



Ezra Jack Keats

Targeted Vocabulary Words

boy, snow, winter, outside, melt, friend


Students will be able to describe characters, setting and events from a story

Questions to Ask During Reading

What season is it when it snows?  What do you think snow feels like? Who is in the story? What does the boy do in the snow?

Suggested Activities

  • Visit the local library, read this book with your child

  • Talk about the weather and the different seasons

  • Hold an ice cube. What does it feel like? Watch it melt and describe what happens.

Watch Principal John Read "Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World)"

Book of the Month (3-5 8:1:1 Classes & V Classes)

Book Title

What If Everybody Did That?                                                                                



Ellen Javernick

Targeted Vocabulary Words

everybody, rules, safe, sit, wait, school


Students will gain social awareness by following classroom and social rules, and understand the need for these rules

Questions to Ask During Reading

After reading each scenario, ask children what would happen if everybody did that?  What are rules? Why is it important to follow rules?

Suggested Activities

  • Visit the local library and read this book with your child

  • Have children make predictions about what would happen in each scenario

  • Establish household rules and have children identify the ways they could follow them

Watch Principal John Read "The Juice Box Bully"

Monthly PS596X

As part of our book of the month program, you are invited to join us for an engaging learning experience with your child.  The teachers have been hard at work unpacking and adapting each book so that it meets the need of all our learners. The next monthly read aloud will take place on Thursday, December 19th!

We would to share some of these strategies with you, so that you can assist your child at home in reading each book.  


We look forward to seeing you!

Place: Each unit will have their own read-aloud!

Can't Make It to Our Monthly Read Aloud? We are here to Help!

We understand that your schedule is very busy. If you are unable to attend one of our monthly read aloud sessions, we are here to help! Please watch the video to the right titled P596X Adapting Books: Helpful Strategies for Parents, Caregivers, and Staff for information on how to adapt a book of the month for your child.

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