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P.S. 596X & NYCDOE


Every Student Every Day: Attendance


Our schools are safe and supportive environments, and the classroom is a better place when your child is here. More time in school means your child will get the social-emotional and academic support they need to thrive, learn, and be happy. We also know getting to school isn’t always easy. We are here to support you. Your child may miss school for illness, emergencies, or for religious reasons, but we want to see every student in school every day. Did you know that a student with 90% attendance has missed one month of school by the end of the year? Please contact the school or call 311 to get connected to what you need for your child to attend school consistently and succeed!”

Here are some basic things you should know about attendance in New York City schools:

  • Schools must take attendance to show whether a student is in school or not; it’s the law.

  • Schools mark a student as P for present or A for absent.

  • There is no general remote learning option this year. If your child is learning remotely because they either have been asked to quarantine or are enrolled in medically necessary instruction, your child will be flagged as “learning remotely” in the DOE’s attendance system.

  • While schools can mark an absence as “excused” for religious reasons, illness, or some other reasons, the excused absence is still an absence and must be part of the student’s record.

  • Schools must tell families when students are absent or late. They will make a positive call or outreach home. Does your school have the right information to contact you? Update your child’s NYCSA account with your current contact information.

Attendance Policies

Record-Keeping and Attendance Rules


Attendance is a required, legal record

  • A child who does not attend school must be marked absent, even if the absence is excused. Attendance records in the electronic system cannot be changed after the middle of July. However, attendance records may be amended by submitting a letter to the student's file. Ask the school for attendance records, or track your child’s attendance in your NYC Schools account(Open external link).


Excused absences are still absences

  • Schools can excuse absences when a student is absent from school for religious, medical, or emergency reasons, but excused absences are a legal part of the student's record.

Schools must contact the student's family after every absence

  • Schools will reach out to learn why students missed school and how to help. Families must provide a reason for absences. Families must have up-to-date phone numbers and addresses so they can reach families.

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