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2020 - 2021

The photos of the week below have previously been featured on our website and Instagram throughout the school year and have been placed here for your convenience.

Week of September 22, 2020

This week's photo features our first day back to in-person learning for the 2020 - 2021 school year! We want to wish all of our students a very happy first day of in-person learning! We are so happy to see you! #596xrocksremotelearning

Week of September 28, 2020

This week's photo features our new 2020 - 2021 school magnets! The new PS596X magnets for 2020 - 2021 are in and will be distributed this week! Display them proudly wherever you choose! #596xrocksremotelearning 

Week of October 12, 2020


This week's photo features Angel from class X31. Angel has shown some impressive gains during remote instruction! His mom has set up a little classroom for him at home and she works diligently with him on his virtual and live assignments. #596xrocksremotelearning

Week of October 26, 2020


This week's photo features Principal John Siracuse taking part in staff COVID testing at our 178 site.

Safety has been and will continue to be our top priority during these challenging times. All staff will be taking part in random COVID testing to ensure the safety of all students and staff in the school buildings. #596xrocksremotelearning

Week of November 2, 2020

This week's photos feature our Halloween celebration at PS178.

Principal John dressed up in his best costume and handed out candy to all of the students. The students also took part in Halloween BOOling and Witches Hat Ring toss! Happy Halloween from all of us at PS596X!

Week of November 16, 2020

This week's photo features Alejandro from class V50 at our 498 site.


Alejandro is using the floor piano as part of our music literacy program. 


Week of December 14, 2020

This week's photos/videos feature Noah from class V62.


Noah took a break from Remote Learning on Thursday 12/17/20 to play in the snow.  


Week of December 21, 2020

This week's photos feature Zahyan from Class X13 at our PS178 site.

Zahyan is enjoying our fun Friday animal show on Google Meet! A special thank you to Sam Weinstock from @weinberg_nature_center for a great show! #596rocksremotelearning

Week of December 28, 2020


This week's photo features student Javien and his teacher Ms. Elsie from class Y52 at our 498 site.


Javien and Ms. Elsie are showing off their holiday hats!

Week of January 4, 2021


This week's photos feature student and staff holiday photos.


Rahmel from class Y08 at our 178 site participated in a holiday hat craft live session with his class! The class made their own reindeer hats!


After completing a writing assignment with brainstorming about kindness from the Unique curriculum, Avery from class V60 took a picture with his reindeer ears!  

Alejandro from class V60 is wearing his holiday best with his Elf shirt! 



Teacher Ashley and Paraprofessionals Deili and Ruth wearing their holiday hats for spirit week. 


Week of January 11, 2021


This week's photos feature student holiday photos.

Daniel from class V60 is wearing his holiday shirt and drawing a Christmas tree for the holidays. 

The photos also feature Christmas photos of Chinomso from class V60.

Week of January 18, 2021


This week's photos feature more student holiday photos.

Nyoka from class is V60 wearing her Holiday hat and shirt.

Raphael from class V60 is wearing his holiday hat and shirt for spirit week.

Week of January 25, 2021


This week's photo/video features Angel from our 498 site using Boom cards to practice his math skills.

Week of February 1, 2021


This week's photos feature class V50 at our 498 site.

Class V50 students engaged in a virtual science lesson with Dejá and Naa from the Bronx Children's Museum. They learned about animals in the Bronx that adapt using camouflage and each student created their own Camouflaged Critter with materials provided by the BxCM LaunchBoxes!

Week of February 8, 2021


This week's photo features class X13 at our 178 site.

Dylan of Class X13 made an edible rocket as the class learned about Mae Jemison, the first African-American female astronaut, during Black History Month.

Week of February 15, 2021


This week's photos feature Respect For All Week 2021.  In honor of Respect For All Week, P596X and P.S. 178X/153X & 498X “Dressed the Message” together. The goal of the week was to promote the theme of respect by engaging students in meaningful lessons and activities focused on preventing bias-based harassment, intimidation and/or bullying. All students and staff were encouraged to participate by dressing in themed attire each day and enjoying the various activities!


The Respect for all committee also selected literature to coincide with each day’s theme. The students and staff celebrated by taking part in and dressing up for events such as No One Eats Alone, School Spirit Day, Superhero Day, Red and Pink Day and Pajama Day!

Week of February 22, 2021


This week's photos feature Scarlet from class Y29 dressing up for the 100th day of school. The 100th day of school marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate major milestones in students' academic achievement. The 100th day of school usually falls in the month of February and depends on when school started and whether or not there were days off for professional development or inclement weather.

Week of March 1, 2021


This week's photos feature Scarlet from class Y29 and Landon from class Y25.  Both students dressed up for Dr. Seuss' birthday and read books by Dr. Seuss to celebrate the special day! Theodor Geisel, better known to the world as Dr. Seuss, the author and illustrator of such children's books as “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham,” was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on March 2, 1904. 

Week of March 8, 2021


This week's photos feature class V50 at our 498 site.  

For Black History Month, class V50 collaborated with music teacher, Ms. Laura, to learn about African American musicians. Students listened to various artists and danced along as well! We learned about the types of music each artist created, the different instruments they used and all about their popular songs!

Week of March 15, 2021


This week's photos feature class V50 at our 498 site.  

In collaboration with the Bronx Children's Museum, students in class V50 learned about how animals have adapted their bodies to help them survive in their habitats. Each student made their own animal out of clay and then wrote about its special body shape or feature! We love working with Bronx Children's Museum! 

Week of March 22, 2021


This week's photos feature class V50 at our 498 site.  

Class V50 at our 498 site and music teacher Ms. Laura made some complicated hats to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Week of April 5, 2021


This week's photos feature class X21 at our 178 site.  

Class X21 students made their own caterpillars with their speech teacher, Ms. Regina.  This was a follow-up activity to a read aloud/Q & A of the Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

Week of April 12, 2021


This week's photos feature classes X30 and V50 at our 498 site.  

Classes X30 and V50 at our 498 site are enjoying this week’s mini golf unit in Adaptive Physical Education class. The students had fun participating in and creating their own courses! 

Week of April 19, 2021


This week's photo features class X13 at our 178 site.  

Chance of class X13 is sorting wholes and halves as he completes activities related to our Book of the Month "Give Me Half" by Stuart J. Murphy. You can find out more about the book of the month here.

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